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Red Fork Empire

The Red Fork Empire presents


Welcome citizens,
You have now accessed the Red Fork Empire (RFE) EGO (Electronical Graphics Orientation) Whether you have reached this place by mistake or intentionally, the Emperor has authorized the knowledge of the Red Fork Empire be opened to this dimension.

What is the Red Fork Empire?

The Red Fork Empire (RFE) is a collective of people who want to express themselves creatively, not necessarily as professionals but because using your imagination and being creative is fundamental to truly enjoying life.
More about the RFE here.

To help spread this message the Emperor and his citizens perform as their personas, speak on event panels, run Imperial games, volunteer at Galleries and Museums, participate in Art shows, and contribute creative works in the name of the Empire.

If you would like the Emperor to perform at your event, convention, festival, or soiree.

How do I become a Citizen of the Red Fork Empire?
It is really quite easy and should not have any lasting pain.
First, follow this link. Then read and if you have any other questions please ask a nearby Cititzen.

The buttons below will lead you to the different sections of the EGO:
Stilltheatre: Contains the artistic creations of the Lord Emperor.
Imperial Portraits: Artisans from across the multiverse capturing the likeness of our Lordship for all to gaze upon in reverence. Including passage to the web experience of the artist themselves.
Citizen Directory: A look at who the more upstanding members of the empire are and conduits to their experiences.
Royal Archive: Stories of the Emperor, Citizens of the empire, Official documents, edicts, and other records of note.
Switchboard: Links to more web experiences with the Red Fork Empire and its allies.
Coal: Creative Operations Authorized Listing, this section consists of the many creative contributions in the name of the Empire, by those of the Empire, to fuel the Empire.
Reliquary: Artifacts, inventions, and fantastic items of wonderment used by the Citizenry or Collected by the Empire.


If you would like to send an electronic message to the Red Fork Empire.

Send a letter to the Emperor

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